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How Payments Work For Activity Providers
How Payments Work For Activity Providers

Understand how you receive income from the Move products you use.

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At Move, we believe it's vital to offer sustainable payments to our Activity Providers.
We aim to make the highest possible payment and this is determined by the level of revenue received from a customer's membership and the number of visits from that customer we're required to subsidise in a given month.

We are not a profit driven company and prioritise supporting our member's active habits. We're happy to take small revenue margins on our memberships, but we're unable to heavily subsidise an account with more funds than we've received from it.

What you will receive if you list your activities on the Move Marketplace

Inclusive Membership customers

Our inclusive customers subscribe to a membership which offers 4-12 activity passes, renewing every 28 days.

Move are receiving a set amount of revenue from the membership. Retaining under 10% profit, the remaining 90% of the revenue is shared amongst the Activity Providers providers that customer has attended in the calendar month.

This process allocates the per session payment within a 70-40% range based on the customer's usage.

Pay-as-you-go customers

Pay-as-you-go Movers make a set transaction each time they book your class. You will always receive your maximum payment for these customers (maximum payment is 70% of drop-in as a default).

If you have specific criteria relating payments, we encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss this further. We're happy to be flexible to suit the unique needs of each Activity Provider.

Attracting new users from the Move marketplace

Most providers have room to grow and therefore want to generate more leads for their business, so choose to offer a free taster activity to new customers. You're not paid for taster sessions. When someone loves what you do, they'll come back and you're paid for every visit after the Taster attendance!

Offering a Taster will:

- Fill otherwise empty spaces in a class you would be running regardless of Move access, maximising the impact of your existing hard work running the weekly schedule.

- Be a free/cost saving marketing tool, for example it can cost £30+ per customer to acquire clients using Facebook advertising, and other methods such as postering or managing your own social media accounts is consuming of time. Tasters are an easy and free method of connecting clients with the class for that first session.

For re-engagement purposes, a member who is absent from your classes for over 90 days can redeem another Taster. You can adjust the reset period to suit your business by contacting our support team.

Important Note: Your drop-in rate is set per activity listing. If you need to update your drop-in price, please use the 'Public pay-as-you-go price per session' entry field (found on the edit page of a listing, in the 'Activities' section of the Partner Portal).

Payment Process

By providing activities to Move members, revenue is accumulated month-by-month. Payment is transferred by direct bank transfer, a month in arrears, once the accrued revenue reaches a £500 payment threshold. If you need to redeem a payment early, there's a 'Withdraw' feature found on your payment report - manual withdrawals take up to 10 days to transfer funds to your account.

Our payment processing fee is 30p per payment collected on your behalf, 2.9% of the overall payment + 20% VAT on the processing costs only.

Check out more about our new and improved Payment System here: Control your Move earnings

Payment Reporting

There is a detailed monthly report on payments available in your Partner Portal.
To find the report, please follow these steps:

1- Log into the Partner Portal
2- Refer to the 'Dashboard' section
3- Select 'See your Payment Reports'
4- Select a venue or all locations
5- Select a payment month

As the payment per session is varied and sourced via multiple Move products, we offer a payment summary at the top of the report. The summary breaks your revenue stream down into an average payment per session, which is the simplest and most accurate indication of what you can expect to receive per session from each Mover attendance.

If you select to view payment data for a single venue, there is also an attendance record of Mover visits, alongside a financial breakdown per activity type.

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