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Session Refresh and Allowance

How sessions work with Move, and how to keep track of what you've used...

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All of our Move memberships have Tasters...


- The first time you visit most fitness providers you get a free taster. You will see this indicated by the 'taster' label when searching for activities and booking.

- Tasters do not count towards your session allowance, and you can attend as many tasters as you can find!

MoveLite, Move and MovePlus have included sessions...

Included Sessions:

- On MoveLite you get 4 included sessions

- On Move and MovePlus you get 12 included sessions

- Sessions refresh in line with your billing cycles (every 28 days).

- It's up to you how you use your sessions within a four week period. You could split them evenly across each week, or use them all in one day! Whatever suits you best 😊

- If you want to attend more than 4/12 times a month you absolutely can. Just look for tasters if you don't want to pay extra, or get discounts of up to 30% off pay as you go activities.

Pay As You Go Activities

- If you've used up your included sessions you can pay as you go to any activity. The cost will be displayed clearly on the activity, and on the book or check in button.

- The amount will be charged to your card registered on Move once you've booked or checked in.

- There is no limit to the amount of pay as you go activities you can attend - it's completely up to you!

Top Ups

- If you are on MoveLite, Move or MovePlus there will be venues fully included - this means you can use your sessions at this venue and will not pay anything extra.

- There might be venues you want to attend, but because they are slightly more expensive they are not fully included in your plan.

- You can still attend, but you will see a top up fee applicable. If you book the activity you will use up a session, and the top up fee will be charged to your Move account.

- If you cancel a booking the session is returned to you, and any top up or Pay As You Go fee is automatically refunded.

Keeping track of your sessions

- You can keep track of sessions you've used in the Bookings section. This will tell you if a session was a taster, if it was cancelled (by you or the provider) if there was a top up, or if you were not checked in. For more information on checking in CLICK HERE.

Keeping track of payments

- You can keep track of any payments on your Move account on the app or website. Head to Account > Payment History.

If you are unsure of a charge you have received, or think a session is incorrect please contact our Support Team - they'll be happy to look into this further with you!

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