How does Move work?

Use Move to attend your favourite activities, or mix it up and discover something new! Here's some info to help get you started...

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At Move we're all about variety, finding activities you love and keeping your active habits up for life πŸ‘Š


Simply select the day and time that you're free, and then search for specific activities or check out the most popular classes.


Keep an eye out for the TASTER tag - these are a trial of a class offered by providers and are completely FREE for your first visit!

You can return to a Taster activity on a PAYG basis up to 30% cheaper than regular drop-in prices. Alternatively, upgrade to one of our full membership plans to have sessions included!

Upgrade membership

You can upgrade your membership through your account to access more activities, or downgrade at any time if life gets too hectic! We're proud of our super flexible membership plans, so check out the different price plans in your area here πŸ‘€

How do you want to move?

Are you a night-owl? Can't make it to your favourite studio in time? Fancy a session on the other side of the country (or globe!)? Your flexible Move membership gives you 3 options of working out to suit your lifestyle and schedule...

  • In-person - Face-to-face sessions with an instructor at a venue or studio.

  • Live stream - These sessions are taught online by an instructor in real time.

  • On-demand - Pre-recorded workouts you can access at any time or place!


Simply hit the button to book! Manage any upcoming activities in the bookings section of your account, where you can also easily cancel your booking if your plans change.


Found an activity that you love? Hit the β™₯ to favourite an activity for easy access to book again - you'll find these stored in the favourites section of your account.

Welcome into the Move community! Don't forget to help grow your city by suggesting your local venues and instructors.

Our friendly team are always happy to help, so if you have any questions or need a hand with anything, please get in touch via the chat bot in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (as shown below) - we'd love to hear from you!

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