How activity pricing works
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A Move subscription gives you access to a great variety of awesome activities! Most activities will be fully included on our full membership plans, however these can vary depending on the membership plan that you choose to suit your needs.

How does activity pricing work on MoveLite, MoveFlex and MovePlus?

If an activity isn't included for free on your selected plan then you can still attend it, either by paying a small top up fee at the time of booking or upgrading your plan.

Top Ups

If a venue is not fully included in your plan, you can still attend and use an included session, but there will be a top up on the activity. You'll see this clearly when you book:

Additional Activity Charges

If you have used up your included sessions (4 on MoveLite, 12 on Move and MovePlus) you can absolutely still attend! Additional activity costs are displayed clearly on booking, and you get discounts of up to 30%!

If you or a fitness provider have cancelled a class, any charge associated with making the booking will be automatically refunded to you πŸ’ƒ You can keep track of your payments and refunds on the Move app or website at anytime in the Payment History section.

How does activity pricing work on MoveGO?

If you're on our 'MoveGO' Membership, or have used up all monthly visits included on your full membership plan, then the cost you see will be the discounted drop in rate with up to 30% off the drop in price!

All payments are sorted behind the scenes, so simply book through your mobile app or website to pay with the registered card on your account, no need to pay the providers on arrival.

Does activity pricing change?

Over time, all businesses (including providers on the Move network) need to change their prices, and we do our best to help advise our partners on how to best price their activities to help them get more people moving!

If an activity provider that you attend changes the price of an activity across their business, not just to Move members, then the good news is that as a Move member you won't notice most of the time, the activity will remain included in your Move membership.

However, in rare cases, it may mean that you need to pay a little more each time you book or attend. As a result you may see a new top up fee added to an activity that was previously not there, or a small increase in the top up fee that you currently pay.


Want to avoid top up fees?

If you're seeing a top up fee on an activity that you attend regularly, then why not take a look at the next membership tier up, it's possible that it's cheaper to upgrade to get free access!

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