High Value Customers
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Who are my High Value Customers?

There are two main types of High Value Customers

1) Highly active customers on full Move memberships

Only around 15% of the active community workout more than a couple of times per week, but these customers are proven to stay engaged and active for longer and be more loyal to your business. (Read more below)

2) Hot leads on our restricted membership to convert

When users on Move Lite are using up all of their 4 repeat visits each month, as well as turning your empty class spaces into extra revenue, they are primed for converting into a full Move member, or even a direct customer to your business.

Highly active customers

High frequency users are your promoters. If your highly active customers visit other venues they are most likely talking to other prospective customers about you too - this helps grow awareness and interest in your business.

However above all they are proven to be your longest staying, loyal customers and therefore the most valuable customers for your business.

What we pay you

We normally pay you your agreed per visit rate. A few customers will get super active and soon enough we will have allocated all the income for that member that month.

To help ensure that the customer is then still promoting and visiting at such a great frequency, these customers can continue to attend and their total membership fee from the month is simply shared across any venues that they've visited.

Hot leads to convert

From polling our partner network, it was clear that most activity providers have said that they want to grow their Move income and fill their excess capacity.

Move Lite is a membership that helps pick up additional customers with a low cost, restricted membership with just 4 repeat visits included each month. They may use all of these at your venue, or they may spread them out to use at others, but whichever they do, they are the most likely pot to convert into loyal regular members.

By ensuring that your activities are available to Move Lite members, you'll have a higher chance of receiving these hot leads, and in most cases you’ll receive your normal rate per session - what's to lose!

How much does payment vary?

For the vast majority of partners it's expected that only a small number of visits will have much discount and most of these will still be 80-90% of your agreed rate, but you could have a small number at 50%-60%.

For a small number of partners where your activity list price is a lot higher than the city average for a workout, the number of visits paid at the lower end to receive these hot leads may be a bit higher. If you know that you charge a much higher rate for your classes than the city average and are interested to know more on how to best optimise your business please do get in touch.

Any questions?

If you still have any questions and would like to get in touch with a member of the team then don't hesitate to contact us and we'll gladly help.

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