How to be a great live stream instructor

Tips on how to host engaging live stream and omni-channel classes

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Live streaming is here to stay, so here's a guide with some top tips on running omni-channel classes. We’ve reached out to some of our awesome partnered activity providers to get their hot take on how to host epic classes that keep your movers just as motivated by the sofa as they’d be at the studio!

Preparation before your class

Make sure you have all of your equipment ready to go. Your camera should be set up in a central location, and make sure you’ve tested your live stream sound levels and image quality with a pal!

Eglis Pilo from 'Piloxercise' says:

Absolute must! A strong WIFI connection - ensure you have a good speed. Make sure you have plenty of light: If you don’t have access to good lighting try using natural light.

Move Setup diagram

Monica from ‘Zumba with Mon’ says:

Top rule! Get to know the workings of the platform you are going to use for your live stream classes! Test it out with friends and family - not once, but several times!

Beginning your class

Say hello to everyone! Welcome your members physically in attendance, and be sure to say hello to everyone on live stream as well. Demonstrate a movement and check that everyone can hear and see you.

Eglis Pilo from 'Piloxercise' says:

Allow for time to interact with your participants before the class, getting to know them and making them feel welcome.

Once the initial class introductions are complete, you can go ahead and introduce the class itself: give a description of the class and what members will be achieving, and if relevant make recommendations for equipment needed and potential alternatives.

During the class: Participation and Engagement

A survey of members attending live streamed classes found that the main aspect of a digital class that kept them coming back was encouraging participation and engagement with the teacher even over live stream.

Monica from 'Zumba’ with Mon says:

Connection is key! Give shout outs to your participants, engage with them! Smile and connect! This is the most beautiful part of a Zumba Livestream for me. That although we are physically separated, for one hour we are all sharing one experience together and we will all leave with a very big smile on a very sweaty face!

Treat those on live stream as you would your regular clients - things you already do like describing your movements, providing feedback to attendees by name etc.

Bami from 'Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness' says:

Make sure you look at the camera - it will make your class feel more engaged with you!


After the class

Once the class has finished, and members are sweaty, relaxed or a bit of both, remember to do all those things that make your customers love you as an instructor, and address both physical attendees and live streamers - get them pumped for their next class with you!

Bami from 'Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness' says:

Have fun! Enjoy it because you're literally making history right now!

A big thanks to Bami, Eglis Pilo and Monica for their top tips - check out their activities:

For more information on running your classes via live stream, check out our support articles with equipment recommendations and Move set up instructions

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