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Top tips for Omni-Channel delivery

Top technical tips on delivering your physical classes at the same time as live streaming

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Omni quick start
  • Get your equipment prepared and ready to go!
    You’ll need something with which to: capture video, capture sound, and keep your equipment stable. If you’re using a mobile device, use a tripod, and if you’re using a laptop, use a stable surface and a good quality microphone

  • Check your live stream sound levels
    Get the sound levels over live stream set up first to ensure that your music isn’t overpowering your voice, and if you’re using a separate microphone make sure there’s no feedback - see our article on playing music through Zoom if you’re streaming from a computer

  • Check your physical space sound levels
    Once your live stream sound is sorted, make sure the sound in your room is balanced so your physical attendees can hear, but not too loud that your live streamers can't hear you. You may well benefit from purchasing a set of speakers that you can adjust the sound on.

  • Test, test, and test again!
    Get a friend, family member or colleague to jump on a call in Zoom with you so you can test out and get really comfortable with your sound and camera settings before your class gets started - a great first impression will keep your members coming back again and again!

Good lighting is key!

Make sure that the room you’re teaching in is well lit, that your camera set up is stable and set up to make the most of the light. Make sure that your camera and your light source are on the same side, rather than have your teacher in between the camera and the light source.

Mic up like the pros!

Your mobile device's in-built microphone is good enough for most cases, but be aware of music playing in the room drowning out your voice.

Consider investing in a good quality Bluetooth headset with noise cancelling capabilities - you can then talk to and hear your live streamers as well as your physical attendees. Here are some ideas - just make sure your device is Bluetooth compatible:

Alternatively, if your set up won't require you to move around, you could opt for a USB microphone:

Whichever setup you choose, make sure you spend time practicing and testing before running your first class.

Keep things steady!

You can pick up a budget tripod for £20 or so, and an adapter to hold your smartphone (if that’s your video capture device) can be had for a tenner!

Below are some of our recommendations for tripods to use:

Playing music in the room and over live stream

We've got an article about playing music over Zoom live stream, but what about playing music in the room at the same time?

You may want to purchase some speakers that will allow you to adjust the volume so you can regulate your live stream sound, but keep the music pumping so you can get energised in the room with your physical attendees.

I teach my classes outdoors, can I still live stream?

For sure! Using your mobile device, you can connect to your streaming platform of choice. You’ll need to make sure that you have lots of data, a good stable 4g/5g connection, and plenty of battery life on your mobile device, but you may not be able to easily provide music over live stream if teaching an outdoor class using a mobile device.

Say hello!

Make sure you give a warm welcome to all of your physical and digital guests, including your usual PAR-Q questions and ensuring everyone can hear and see you. Arrive before your guests to get everything set up and ready to go so your class can start on time!

It’s easy to forget you’re streaming to dozens digitally when you’ve got faces in front of you, but don’t forget to include those at home! Members that are live streaming have a desire for a unique and interactive fitness experience, and are choosing your class over a pre-recorded one, so make sure to include them as much as you can!

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