How to offer live stream activities through Zoom
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Once your Zoom account is integrated with your Move partner portal, you won't need to do any admin to manage your live streams. Simply hit start class when it's time to begin!


MoveGB provides an easy way to create and manage live stream classes using Zoom integration. MoveGB will automatically create Zoom meeting URLs for your activities, keep Zoom meetings in sync with your MoveGB activity schedule and provide your customers with up-to-date instructions to join your live stream classes. You have complete control over which of your activities you want to live stream.

If you use a different platform for your live stream classes, check out our guide on managing your live stream links here.

Let's get started...

  1. Log into your MoveGB reception portal and click the 'Integrations' link in the top menu.

  2. On the Integrations page, click the 'Get Started' button shown below.

  3. You will be asked to authorise MoveGB to access your Zoom account. If you already have a Zoom account, click “Authorise” button. If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, create a free Zoom account by clicking the “Sign up” button, then follow the process to enable Zoom integration from the start.

Done! You have successfully enabled Zoom integration in your MoveGB portal.

Already have Zoom meetings scheduled?

Not to worry - as long as the Zoom meeting title and duration exactly match your MoveGB activities, these will be pulled through to your Move account once integrated.

How to enable live stream classes via Zoom

Once you have enabled Zoom integration, you can start enabling live stream via Zoom for your classes.

  1. Log into your MoveGB reception portal and click the [Activities] link in the top menu, then find the activity that you want to be live-streamed and click “Edit”

  2. On the activity page find the “Physical attendance or live stream” setting

  3. Change the “Physical attendance or live stream” setting to “Live stream only” if your class can not be attended in person. See our article here on setting up omni-channel classes!

  4. Select preferred URL option. Depending on your activity’s availability, you may chose either one URL for all live-streamed classes or unique URL for each class.

  5. Select “Sync with Zoom” to enable Zoom.

  6. Select Zoom meeting host

  7. Approve the activity.

Done! MoveGB will automatically create Zoom meeting for this activity and keep them updated.

Already creating Zoom links elsewhere?

Just so you know, this integration will create meetings in your Zoom app from your timetable on Move. If you have a booking system that integrates with Zoom already, awesome! This does mean, however, that setting up Zoom-to-Move integration could cause a few hiccups and duplicate meetings.

If you would like to use our cool new feature, you'll need to disable the integration between Zoom and your existing booking system first. Otherwise, check out our guide here on managing your links manually.

Multiple Hosts/Live Streams

If you are planning to live stream multiple activities that start at the same time of the day, ensure your host is set correctly to ensure that meeting hosts do not clash.

If you can’t see the Zoom meeting host in the list of hosts on the activity page, go to the Integrations page and click “Refresh” button.

How to start a live stream class

Once Zoom integration has been enabled, you’ll see a new button “Start Live Stream” in the reception portal to start your live stream class. See screenshot below.

No longer live streaming?

If you no longer want to live stream an activity using Zoom, find it in your MoveGB reception portal and open it for editing. Set the “Physical attendance or live stream” setting to “Physical attendance only” if you are now running this class in person, or select 'save draft' if this class is no longer running at all.

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