Reporting a Live Stream Error
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As much as this isn't an experience we'd want for one of our members, we understand that technical difficulties can get in the way of our providers lives sometimes meaning you've not been able to attend the Live Stream class as expected!

If you have been unable to attend a Live Stream class due to one of the following reasons then we'd love to ensure that you get your credit and any associated payment returned to your account:

  • You receive the messaging 'The host was in another meeting' after the start of the class and the provider is yet to start the session

  • You receive the messaging 'Waiting for the host to start the meeting' after the start of the class and the provider is yet to start the session

  • You didn't receive a link to the class via email as stated within the booking instructions

  • You didn't receive a passcode to access the class from the provider via email

  • The meeting link you have received was invalid and therefore didn't allow you into the class

So, if you have experienced one of the above then please use the link below to fill out our Live Stream error form to ensure that this report is flagged to the provider and your session is removed from your account:

I've filled in the form... what's next?

Your form submission will now be sent across to our team who will ensure that your booking is removed from your account as soon as possible and any payments are refunded to you*

*Refunds take up to 10 days (sorry this is the banks not us!).

Our team is doing their best to give the highest level of service to a lot of people at this time, so please don't contact the team to check on the status of your refund unless the 10 days is up and you still haven't received it.

Can I do anything more?

In these types of instances, it is also always best for you to contact the provider directly to ensure that they can rectify the issue and offer any compensation for you missing the class. We shall of course ensure that you are re-credited with the session from our side in terms of the attendance although it is always best for you to reach out as they may wish to apologise/explain the error personally.

Our partners always list their contact details on their venue pages and so this can be accessible through your booking just in case you do have any issues!

What if I experience internet/technological problems rather than the provider?

Darn internet goblins! It happens to the best of us... the best thing to do it turn it off and on again (leave and re-join the class), but if it still doesn't work then we're sorry, you'll just need to try again with better signal in the future. We can't refund sessions for poor internet signal, but as long as you checked in and tried the class then you won't be charged any no show fee.

What if the quality of the workout isn’t good? Can I get my session back?

No, all instructors on Move are doing their best, and working hard to bring a quality class to your home at this most unusual of circumstances. For this reason, we can't credit a class back if you don't like it, instead, we just advise you to pick something a little different tomorrow.

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