How to write good activity descriptions

Here are some guidelines that may be helpful!

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This is your chance to get Movers excited about what they are about to book on to, so make your description welcoming and fun!

1. What is it? Yoga, surfing, golf?

Let Movers know what you are offering. If it’s an activity they might not have heard of before, describe the activity as best you can!

Feldenkrais method is a system designed to promote bodily and mental efficiency via exercises which improve flexibility and coordination and increase ease and range of motion.

2. Who is it for?

Your class could be specifically aimed at a certain group of people; pregnant women, advanced rock climbers, beginners etc…(Or who is it not for?) If your activity is unsuitable for anyone, here is where you should say this.

For example, some classes are for people with a bit more experience so saying something like “not suitable for beginners” is a great way to let Movers know the class level.

Your class could also be suitable for everyone (yay!) in which case, feel free to say “everyone welcome!

3. Benefits of activity

Does your activity have any benefits that may be appealing to Movers? Strengthens your core, increases flexibility, calms your mind?

Movers want to know what they will get out a class, even if it’s just a good sweat.

"A whole body approach throughout pregnancy and into the birthing process, supporting you physically and emotionally as you connect you with your body"

4. Do they need to bring anything? Water? Towel? Mat?

Let your Movers know what they need to bring with them, or whether all equipment is provided!

Top Tip: Remember to keep your activity description short and sweet, while also getting in all the important points!

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