Updating your venue page and activities
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Your Venue Page

Sharing your public profile is an important part of promoting your business to MoveGB customers, so updating this page should be first priority.

Follow these steps to make sure that your page is looking it's best!

1. Log in to your Move Partner Portal, and click "Use Reception" for the location you want to edit

2. Once logged in, go to the "Directory" tab. Here, you'll be able to update the following:


This should be a description of your business, the venue you teach in if not live streaming, and maybe a little about what the customer should expect for their experience! Use it as an opportunity to invite customers and encourage them to come along!


If teaching from a venue, let customers know whether there's parking available, lockers, showers etc. This way they feel fully prepared and are more likely to attend if they know what to expect!

Location Details

If teaching from a venue, It's definitely worth making sure the pin on the map is at the correct point. Lost customers = no customers πŸ˜“If live streaming, simply putting your town or city will be enough πŸ‘


It's worth noting that the first image you add here will act as your logo to represent your business. If you do have a logo, be sure to add this one first, followed by other images of your classes or the venue itself.

When adding images, it's important to think about what images you want to use. We wouldn't recommend adding images of posters or flyers, as the information on these could go out of date (such as class times), and it's another thing to remember to update!

Try to get some snaps of a class! This is the easiest way to get images that best represent your business, and they act as great promotional material.


You're able to update your activities at any time on your Move Partner Portal. To do this, firstly log into your Portal, and then head over to the "Activities" tab.

From here, click "Edit" next to the activity you'd like to amend.


Although you'll have set an activity description during your set up process whilst joining Move, it's worth making sure that you keep your descriptions up to date.

Activity descriptions will give customers a good idea of what the class involves, and this encourages them to book in! Try to be as welcoming and detailed as you can! This is your opportunity to tell customers if they need to bring anything.


Until you upload your own image, we'll fill this space with a generic stock image. By updating the image, you're able to make sure that your class is represented accurately and looks more unique.


If you change the times of your classes, you will need to update them here! It's super simples!

When you're done, hit the "Submit for Approval". This sends a message to our team so that we can make sure the activity has everything it needs to be visible to Movers!

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