Checking in for your activities
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You can check in on the Move App or Mobile site, just head to the section that says 'Bookings':

  • If your activity doesn't require booking then simply tap check in on arrival to record your attendance.

  • When you book an activity in advance just remember to come back to your booking in your app to check in on arrival. This lets the venue know that you were there (no-one likes empty spaces!)

Please make sure you check in for all classes as this makes sure that the staff get paid for your visit. You can check in within the half hour before a class, and if you forget to check in before a class starts, don't worry! Your booking will remain in your app and you can check in for 30 mins afterwards πŸ‘

The Fitness Provider is also able to check you in on their side, if you have any problems!

Checking in looks a bit like this...

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 13.41.02

If you don't check in for pre-booked activities then the venue doesn't know that you were there! Not checking in for for a class will mean that a no show charge may apply. For more information about no shows CLICK HERE.

We don't want you to incur any incorrect no show charges so please make sure that you check in for every activity you attend.

What if I cannot check in on my phone on arrival?

If you can't check in at the time of the class (no signal, no phone, smashed phone, dog eaten phone, sat on phone) simply try one of these on for size:

  • Ask the member of staff at the venue to check you in on their MoveGB reception screen.

  • Or check in on your mobile app up to 30 mins after the class finishes.

What are no show fees? I have not received these before?

A late cancellation or no show fee is a charge applied by a venue when they are unable to fill a space that has been booked but ends up empty.

Move has always supported no-show charges to help deter late cancellations or non attendance, and our memberships only include activities that are attended. (We won't pay for empty spaces!) You can cancel bookings up until 24 hours before the start time. For any cancellations within 24 hours of the class start time, click below!

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