We don't yet have a Move partner app, but know logging into your portal easily on your mobile is super important!

When checking in MoveGB members for their activity, or cancelling classes, it's not always convenient to have a laptop with you and if you don't have a reception desk for check in, why not make your portal easier to access on your mobile device?

On Safari or Chrome browser on an iPhone/Android you can save any webpage to your home screen so it works in a similar way to an App!

Just save it as a bookmark on the home screen of your phone with the options when on your reception page. Follow the steps below to do this now.

Step by Step

  1. Open your web browser of choice and type in your Business portal log in.

  2. Go to www.movegb.com/business-reception/XXXX (replace X's with your Business ID code)

  3. Then enter your 4 digit business pin code.

You can also save a log in straight to your specific locations, by using your location log in - www.movegb.com/reception/XXXX (replace X's with your Location ID code). Then enter your 4 digit location pin code.

Tap the share button on your browser, then save your reception portal to your home screen.

Once you've logged into your reception portal you will be able to check members in and easily manage bookings.

As always please contact our team if you have any questions or feedback, we're constantly trying to find ways to make things easier.

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