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Check Ins and No shows - An Overview
Check Ins and No shows - An Overview
Updated over a week ago

Here you’ll learn how to make sure members are checked in for classes and what to do if they don’t show up!


  • Why do your customers need to check in?

  • What if I am emailing my live streaming links to my customers?

  • What's the easiest way to manage check-ins on my phone?

  • What happens when a Mover is not checked in?

  • No-show charges and how to use them.

Q. Why do your customers need to check in?

Members are required to check-in in order to receive the link they need to access your live streamed classes, and it also notes their attendance. Check in also allows us to record exactly who has visited you so we can pay for their attendance.

Customer check-in opens 30 mins before the start of the class.

Checking in looks a little like this for the Mover:

Q. What if I am emailing my streaming links to my customers

If they have pre-booked, then just scroll down to see the list of today's bookings and click check in for the class in question.

If the member has booked for the session then this shows as booked here, and when check in opens 30 mins before the class starts, a nice big button to check them in appears, like this one!

For the customer, check in opens 30 mins before the class start time and closes 30 mins after, but as a partner your check in window remains open until midnight each day. The customer must be checked in during this window.

It's a bit like this on a mobile partner portal, but it works just the same on your desktop too.

Q. What's the easiest way to manage check-in's on my phone?

All of our pages are mobile optimised, but you can actually save your reception screen right to the home screen of your phone. Find out how here!

Q. What happens when a Mover does not check-in?

If a customer did not attend a pre-booked class then the visit will not be added to your attendance log and you will not be paid for this session.

To manage no-shows each day, if you had no shows the day before, you’ll receive an email alert each morning pointing you to a list of any no-shows from the day before. Here you’ll have the option to set and charge a no-show fee to help discourage this behaviour (if you have any!)

Q. But some of these no-shows DID attend my class!

If you forgot to check a customer in, or did not see a checked in pass on their phone, this will be marked as a no show. If you wish to dispute a no show, then don't worry, just look for the 'Late check-in' button on your no shows management page. Just 1 click from you and we're happy to contact each customer to confirm so that you don't have to!

Any trouble managing your no shows at all, here's our contact details where you'll find some of the most helpful people we could filter out of the Bath and Bristol area (that's where our HQ is!):

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0345 519 6626
(Support hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm, Saturday 8am - 5pm)

No-show charges

If you charge a no-show fee to customers who book, but do not turn up to your class, then you have the option to apply this charge to your Move members too.

Pros of no-show fees:

  • Helps you prevent no-showers causing empty spaces in your class

  • Enables you to ensure your Move members have the same No Show Policy as your direct members

  • Encourages regular reliable attendees

  • Members notifying you directly or MoveGB support who will then in turn notify you of late cancellations so that you can open up a space for another member

Cons of no-show fees

  • Makes people more hesitant to book into a class as they are worried about the commitment

If your class is not always full then we advise not to charge a fee. If you run a busy class and want to deter people from wasting spaces then we advise that you do! The charge is at your discretion so if you have been contacted by the member and feel that you do not wish to charge. Take no action! The member will not be charged nor will the payment for their attendance be added to your payment report.

*No-show fees are opt-in for all businesses on MoveGB. You are in full control of whether or not you would like to charge a fee to Movers that do not attend.

If you haven't already set up a no show fee, then don't worry. When it happens, just click to add a no show fee to your activities on your no shows management page.

Using no show fees where needed can make a big difference in keeping your classes full and deterring customers from booking and not showing up. We're very keen to hear your feedback on the way this feature works and we'll be updating you along the way.

As always just pop us an email to and let us know if you have any feedback or if we can help!

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