Log in to your MoveGB Partner Portal
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If you're having trouble logging into your Partner Portal, you'll first need to make sure any other Move tabs are logged out. To do this, head to www.movegb.com/logout.

If you are the owner of the business, continue reading below. If you're a receptionist working at a venue, skip to the "Reception log in" below.

Business Owner log in:

You'll be able to log into your Portal by copying this link and pasting it into your browser: The XXXX represents your Business ID, so be sure to place your Business ID in place of the Xs.

You will then reach a page prompting you to enter your 4 digit business pin.

Once you're into your business page, you'll have access to your reception page for each location.

From here, simply click "Use Reception" to gain access to the reception portal for each location.

Reception log in:

If you work on the reception team at a venue and need access to your MoveGB Partner Portal, simply copy the following link into your browser, replacing the Xs with your Reception ID.

From here, just type in your Reception PIN, and away you go!!

Lost your Business ID and PIN?

If you've lost your Business ID or PIN, please contact our team on 0345 519 6626.

We will be able to provide your log in details and email them to you so you have them for future use!

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