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Your Late Cancellation Window and Late Cancel/No Show Fees
Your Late Cancellation Window and Late Cancel/No Show Fees

How to customise your late cancellation window and manage cancellations on your Move Portal.

Updated over a week ago

Many providers charge their members a late cancellation fee for their busiest classes and this is customisable to your business.

Many providers tend to remove late cancel fees where possible, as they don’t want to deter customers from booking. However this is completely up to you and your own business policy if one applies.

  • If you use Move's booking system, then when a Mover cancels their class, you’ll receive an email or text to let you know. If it is done in good time, the booking will disappear from your portal and the member will get their session back.

  • If it is within your late cancellation window, the Mover will get a message first to advise the fee and that it may be charged, before they confirm they want to cancel the class:

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 12.48.31
  • If they still choose to cancel, you will receive a notification and their booking will be removed from your portal. The next day they will be flagged as a late cancel and you will then be able to charge or waive the fee as you see fit. This is how it appears on your portal under the 'No Shows & Late Cancellations' tab:

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 12.35.11

If you’ve discussed rescheduling with the member, you can waive the fee, and rebook them via your portal for their chosen date - for more info on how to do this please check out our article - How to check a customer in.

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