An overview of our integrated booking systems
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Which booking systems do you integrate with?

At the moment, we're integrated with MINDBODY and TeamUp. If you're reading this article, you may have already set up the integration between your MoveGB Profile and your booking system.

How does it work?

By integrating your booking system with your MoveGB profile, not only are you creating a great experience for the customer, but you'll reduce your own admin time.

Because our two systems are linked, when a customer requests a booking the integration will check with your booking system if there is space on the class This means that customers will have an immediate response on whether their booking is successful!

Additionally, if you update your class times on your booking system, as long as the class is already on Move, the time will update on our end too! If you're adding new classes, you can either do this in your portal, or we can help!

What do I do when someone arrives?

When customers attend, they need to be checked in so that we know to pay you for the attendance!

Good news! You can check your Move customers in using exactly the same method as you would with your direct customers. Simply click that they've attended on your booking system, and this will sync with your Move profile.

But what if they don't attend?

Again, the solution here is simple! If the customer doesn't attend, don't check them in!

From our end, we'll see any bookings that haven't been checked in, and we'll send you a message to see if you'd like to charge no-show fees for these.

What do I do if someone turns up without booking?

On the rare occasion that someone comes to your class without booking, if you have space, let them in. You can record their attendance in your Partner Portal after the class to ensure that you get paid for the booking.

If you do not have space, it's definitely worth giving a friendly explanation that they can't attend this week, but you'd encourage them to book in for next week.

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