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How to choose the best images for my venue page
How to choose the best images for my venue page
Updated over a week ago

Think of your Venue Page as your shop window - it's the first impression Movers will get of your activities!

To make your page stand out, we recommend uploading at least 3 photos of your business. Make sure that the photos are well lit, good quality (high resolution), and the right way up!

1. Studio, space or area

A photo of the space where your activity is held is a great way to give members a feel of your venue before coming to class.

  • Get an unobstructed view (no desks, blurry figures or random objects in the way)

  • Make sure the space is nice and tidy before snapping your photo!

  • If you use mat and props for classes, get a photo of these laid out, depicting a true image of how your class will look and feel.

2. Activity in progress

This is probably the most important photo! Members love to see what they’re in for. A photo of your class in progress is great publicity for your activity.

(Make sure you get permission before photographing customers for this shot.)

3. You!

It can be daunting advertising yourself but nobody represents your business better than yourself!

Get a photo of yourself teaching a class or demo-ing your activity.

Please do make sure you own the image or have the appropriate permissions to use the images.

If you're struggling for ideas, please contact our team and we'll be more than happy to talk you through some of the options!

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