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Changing your public pay-as-you-go prices
Changing your public pay-as-you-go prices

How to update the price that you charge to your customers who book onto your activities directly on your public Move page

Updated over a week ago

When customers visit your Move page, your activities are shown as available to book at a pay-as-you-go rate that you set without being asked to purchase a Move subscription.

You get paid 90% of this fixed rate and Move just retains 10% in return for processing the payment and booking.

Here's how to update your public pay-as-you-go price per activity.

  1. Select 'Use Reception' to access the venue with your activity that needs the price editing

  2. Select 'Activities' to views your activities

  3. Select 'Edit' next to the activity for which you'd like to change the price

  4. Scroll down and edit the price for your activity shown in the 'Public pay-as-you-go price per session' box shown below.


Once you've update this price then we'll do the rest for you and your pricing for this activity will be updated on the Move platform instantly.

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