Your Payment Report

You have full access to your payment report at any time.

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Here you can track every payment and see a full breakdown of your attendances since the very start of your partnership.

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The payment report is a great way to make sure all of your attendances have been recorded and for you to keep track of your payments. All payments are calculated on the 1st of the following month and there is a 7 day cooling off period that allows you to contact us if you wish to discuss anything on the report.

Please be advised that the payment report takes 24 hours to update.

How payments are received

We have changed our payment system which now means you'll have more control over your Move earnings.

You can now click to receive payment within 10 working days Once payment for the month is calculated (1st of each month), simply hit the withdraw button* in your Move partner portal to receive payment within 10 working days.

Payments over £500 will be automatically transferred to your bank account at the end of the following month, the same way they are now.

Payments under £500 will be banked as outstanding balance in your Move account. This will be paid automatically at the end of the month once the £500 threshold is crossed, or within 10 working days of your withdrawal.

Find out more about this here!

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