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*New* Sell your class packs, memberships, retreats, workshops… you choose!

Yes, we believe that variety is the key, pairing a fitness activity with an active hobby and a friendship element is proven to keep people active SOOO much longer. However, we’re all about active discovery and helping people find the workouts that get them moving.

Most people just need to fall in love with a single activity first before they’re ready to branch out. We have 1000s of people checking out activities on Move every day and we want to work together with you to help them find and get moving with YOU!

Move, the largest network of fitness providers in the UK, that’s helped over half a million people find and book the workouts they love, is now launching a free platform that let’s fitness providers sell their direct memberships and class packs, retreats, workshops and even merchandise too. You get exposure to a massive active audience, Move takes care of the hassle and fitness pros stay in full control of the payments and their member experience.

Our data shows that there are 1000s of people that consider your activities, but get lost between our website/app and the moment they buy with you. So, we want to work together to fix this so that you benefit, by helping you sell directly to everyone where there’s a fit.

How to sell on Move

  • It’s FREE to list your offers and takes minutes to sync with your own website

  • You set and control all pricing and receive a guaranteed 90% of the list price for each product you sell*

  • Reach a large audience of 1000s of active individuals and benefit from city wide marketing campaigns

  • When a member wants variety, you don’t lose them, instead you keep getting your per visit rate just like you do with your class packs as Move means that they can still come back.

*most platforms take a higher % than this, we just need to cover payment fees and a small commission so that we can invest in making a great customer experience, we don’t make a penny of profit!

We know that it’s important for fitness providers to feel in control of how you grow and manage your customer base. By listing your products on a Move page, you'll benefit from increased exposure to our community of thousands of active users, with minimal marketing costs on your end, while still retaining maximum control over the member payments.

Would I have to list all of my direct access products?

The short answer is no, you wouldn't have to list all of your direct access products. However, we highly recommend that you list as many products as you can to increase your exposure and grow your own fitness community.

Here at Move, we know that customers tend to love having a variety of options to choose from when it comes to getting active and selecting the best plan for them.

On top of this, your listing will be fully customisable and you will have a dedicated team working alongside you to ensure it looks tip top!

How would I claim my payments?

We have set up a super slick interface to request a payment. This is completed from your personalised payment report in the Partner Portal and should only take a few minutes each time. You can build up credit on Move and withdraw the payment when it suits you best.

Once you withdraw your balance, you can expect to receive your payment within 10 working days if not a lot sooner... it's as simple as that!

Amazing, this sounds great - how do I get started?

To get started, simply register your interest using the form below and a member of the team shall be in touch to discuss next steps shortly:

We're thrilled to have you join us in this new chapter of the Move community! Let's work together to make fitness inclusive to everyone and create a healthier, happier world 👏🏼

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