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What do your customer's experience when they book with you?
What do your customer's experience when they book with you?

Here's a quick overview of what your customers will experience when they book through your new public page.

Updated over a week ago

When you choose to send your customers to your new page to book onto your activities, we've made the flow as smooth and simple as possible, ensuring that YOUR activities are the main focus of their experience.

We've also made it as simple for them as possible so it won't be a headache at all! Check out the flow below to see the full journey of what you'll be asking them to do.

Step 1: View your timetable and activities...

When a customer clicks on one of your activities they can then see the booking button immediately available with your class price showing. If you need to update your class price then you can see more info on how to do this here.

Step 2: Filling in their details and making their payment

We collect their details for you to make their experience faster in the future. We'll also then be able to help you optimise the conversion of your pages to encourage customers to book again.

They won't need to buy a subscription and can continue to just book with you on a pay as you go basis.

Step 3: Finalising their booking

Once they've confirmed their booking then it will appear in the bookings section of their Move page. Here's where they will come to check in and join your live stream class, with your live stream link securely hidden behind the check in button.

This way you can be sure that your live stream links are being kept secure with no risk that they are being shared outside of your community and at risk of being leaked.

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