What is MoveWallet?

Use MoveWallet to pay for the activities you love and keep active for life

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What is MoveWallet?

If you are a MoveGO or Move At Home member, you will make payments from your MoveWallet each time you book an activity that requires payment.

What can I use my MoveWallet credit for?

MoveWallet has been designed to keep you active and invest in your active lifestyle - so you can spend your credit on any activity you like within 90 days. Whether that's HIIT to get the heart pumping, a yoga session to end a hard day or a treat to yourself such as a massage or PT session, your MoveWallet has you covered.

How do I add to my MoveWallet?

If you haven't set up your MoveWallet yet, you'll be prompted to do so when you make a booking. Simply choose the amount you'd like to add and we'll give you an additional 10% as a thank you for being an awesome Mover!

Once set up, you can add to your MoveWallet at any time by heading to 'Payment Methods' in your account.

How much can I add?

Credit starts at £10, where you also have the option to add £20 or £50. Don't forget - we give you 10% back on your first transaction so make the most of it!

What if I don't have enough credit in my MoveWallet to pay for an activity?

If you've been hitting it hard and find that you've ran out of credit when you're booking an activity, we'll take you straight to your MoveWallet to add more credit to complete your booking.

What if I have existing credit on my account?

Any existing credit has been added to your MoveWallet, honouring your previous expiry date to get you started with activities straight away. This will no longer be used for membership renewal payments, but if you'd still like to use the rest of your existing credit on your renewals, just get in touch with the team and we can organise this for you until your existing credit is used.

What happens if a class I've paid for is cancelled or declined?

Any booking you've paid for with MoveWallet that is cancelled or declined will be automatically refunded so that you have the credit to use for an alternative class.

Will MoveWallet credit be used for other payments?

Nope! Any other payment you make through Move such as membership renewals, late cancellation or no-show payments will be made from the payment card on your account, leaving your MoveWallet credit exclusively to book the activities you love.

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