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I have forgotten to cancel my account and my membership has renewed again!
I have forgotten to cancel my account and my membership has renewed again!
Updated over a week ago

Your Move account is completely customisable on the website and app, so you're always able to cancel your membership if you're not looking to continue. Membership renewals are therefore non refundable.

However, Move's mission is to help you keep active and enjoy a variety of venues and activities, so we always want to help you make the most of what you've paid for! 😊

Our team are on hand to help you find activities or venues to try so you can make use of your membership! You can of course deactivate your membership online to ensure you don't pay for another month too.

Not ready to start yet?

If you are looking for a refund for a renewal we are always happy to refund you in MoveGB credit πŸ‘ For more information on how this works and to get this set up, please head to our Billing Help Centre

Don't worry we shall ensure that your is closed down to prevent any further payments from being made once you have submitted your request so leave the rest to us!

Please note that we can store Move credit on your account for up to 12 months

If you have any more questions please get in touch via our chat that can be found on the bottom right hand side of this screen as shown below!

If you need urgent help then please hop on the phone to our friendly support team on 0345 519 6626 and they shall be able to give you a hand!

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