How do I integrate Move with my MINDBODY?
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Integrating your MINDBODY with your Move Profile is a quick and easy process, so that timetable updates and receiving bookings won't take up any of your time.

Follow the steps below so that you can start saving on your admin time:

  1. Log into your MINDBODY and go to 'Home'

2. From here, go to 'Manager Tools'

3. Click 'API Integrations'. You'll be able to enter the code provided by Move here.

4. Log into your MINDBODY owner’s account. The integration will now show.
5. Go to ‘Home’, followed by ‘Services & Pricing’
6. From here, go to the “Pricing” option as shown in the red box in thescreenshot below.

7. Then click ‘+ Add Pricing Option’ in the green text

8. Fill out the Pricing Option as shown below. The Service Category name and the Revenue Category name will vary depending on the names of your service categories – this is simply an example

Please note: It is crucial that the 'Pricing' section is filled out with £0.00 and that 'Sell Online' is not ticked.

Move provide Payment Reports each month, so that you can track your revenue.

If 'Sell Online' is ticked, it will allow non-Move members to select it as an option when booking on your own site

9. Click “Add” and then please let the Move Partner Onboarding team know when you have completed this.

Please note: This process will need to be done for each Service Category that you are hoping to add to the Move platform.

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