How do I freeze my membership?

How to freeze and frequently asked questions

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🤸‍♀️ We love to be flexible at Move, and sometimes we all need to take a break! Whether you’re jetting off on holiday, recovering from an illness or injury or you’re just too darn busy, we’ve got you covered!

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You can freeze your account 10 times a year to ensure you make the most of your paid time!

⏸ Freezing your account presses pause on your membership.

❄ Any remaining time and included sessions in your paid month will be saved for you.

▶ When you unfreeze your account this hits play again, and you can use your saved time and sessions as normal!

It’s super simple to freeze your account on the app or website:

  • Head to ‘Account’

  • Click ‘Manage Membership’

  • Select ‘Freeze membership’

Check out our FAQ's below

When will my account unfreeze?

Our system is designed to unfreeze a day earlier than the date you have selected. This is done without using any of your paid time to ensure that your account is ready to use on your chosen unfreeze date.

How much does it cost?

Freezing your membership costs just £0.18 per day (£1.25 per week). This is billed up front at the time of freezing your account.

Does the freeze start straight away?

Yes, whenever you freeze your account this will take effect immediately. At the moment we don’t have the option to schedule in future freezes, but we’re working on it!

Can I unfreeze early?

Of course! When you’re ready to get started again just head to ‘Account’ > ‘Manage Membership’ > click ‘unfreeze’. You’ll then be able to use your membership straight away.

Can I extend my freeze?

Absolutely, if you need more time just get in touch with our team [here] before your account unfreezes. We’ll be happy to amend your unfreeze date manually. At the moment we don’t have the option to do this on the app - but again we’re working on it!

Can I attend or book activities while my membership is frozen?

Yes! If you want to do the odd workout you still can, you’ll just get a discounted drop in rate and pay for the session through the Move app. The price is displayed clearly when you go to book or check in.

If you’re looking to prebook classes for when your account is unfrozen, currently you cannot do this using your included sessions. You’ll need to unfreeze your account or wait until your account is unfrozen before you can book using your session allowance.

How are the 10 freezes across the year counted?

Our year is rolling, so your freezes are counted within the last 365 days. When a freeze is used it will refresh at the same time the following year. You can keep track of this easily in the freeze section of the app. It shows your remaining freezes and the date another will be available.

How long can I freeze for?

It’s up to you how long you freeze for, you can freeze for 1 day minimum and up to 12 months. However if you are looking to take a longer break for 3 weeks or more, it might be better to use our rejoin function instead.

💡 Top Tip: Don’t forget you can use your included sessions how you like across the month. If you need to take a short break, why not save your freeze and use more sessions later on in the month?

Having trouble freezing your account or need to report an issue? Contact our team!

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