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How to check-in a customer through my desktop portal
How to check-in a customer through my desktop portal
Updated over a week ago

To check in a customer in your Portal, you'll need to log into the portal using the URL and PIN provided by Move.

Please note you won't be able to record past attendances so you'll need to check them in through your portal on the day of the session; the Check-in window closes at midnight.

Once logged into the relevant Partner Portal, please refer to the 'Customer Check-in' section.

There are two main features available: to check-in a customer for their pre-booked session, and, to check a customer into a session where they haven't booked in advance.

To check a customer into their pre-booked session, please see 'Today's Bookings', which is detailed in the image below. This feature will display how many customers have completed their own check-in and you can easily pick up any which have been missed.

If your business offers facility access (such as a gym or pool) and this does not require advanced booking. The below flow explains how to register these visits via our check-in process.

You can also follow this process if a member has arrived at your class, having not booked in advance.

You can search for the customer by typing in their full name, post code, or mobile number.

Once you've found the customer you want to record, click on their name to bring up the list of available activities

Click on the activity that you want to record the member for

If the member is at the venue and ready to attend, click 'Check In to Session'
Choose the time slot from the drop down and select 'Check In'

Once you've checked them in, you'll be able to see their name in the 'Check In Customer' --> 'Todays Bookings' area.

If you experience any issues or if you or any members are still unsure of how to check in, please do reach out to our friendly team so that we can help you.

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