Responding to Booking Requests

We offer a free booking system that allow Move fitness providers to manage their bookings on the go

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When setting up your Move listing, you have the option to either integrate with your own booking system (if available, you can see the list here), or you can use Move's free booking system.

With our free system you can choose whether to receive your Move booking requests via email or SMS and accept or decline them at the click of a button!

Alternatively, you can also manage these through your Move partner portal as shown below:

If you have any new bookings, you'll notice a red banner at the top of your portal to remind you to respond to your bookings:

Please check your schedule to confirm if you have a space available. Clicking accept/decline will email the customer to let them know whether they're booked in.

If neither is clicked, the system will auto-decline after the number of minutes shown.
Any marked as 'waiting' will be in the 'All Bookings' table and will require a response:

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