Changing a booking

What to do if you need to change the date/time of a booking...

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Whether you've accidentally booked the wrong class, or can't attend your activity and want to change the date - we understand sometimes things crop up and bookings need to be changed!

> Go to your bookings and cancel the class you're not able to attend.

Is it outside of the venue's late cancellation window?

Yes โœ…

> Great! Just rebook for the day and time that's more suitable for you and you're good to go!

No โŒ

> If you're within the late cancellation window you can still cancel the booking, but you'll see any late cancel fee that may be applicable.

> If you're looking to attend the same venue, just at a different time, we'd recommend giving them a quick call directly. Explain you cannot attend, but would like to book into another class. They may be happy to waive the fee, and you can then book onto the other session.

Checked in to a session accidentally?

If you've checked in for a gym or swim session on the wrong day, and haven't actually attended, please contact our team. They will be able to remove the incorrect check in, so you can check in on the right date!

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