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5 simple tips to get a first time customer to return to your class next week
5 simple tips to get a first time customer to return to your class next week

Nothing says “come back to my class” more than a fabulous first impression, right!

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If you’ve got a newbie joining the crew, get to know them, give them a warm welcome and an experience to remember.

Check out these 5 simple tips to help build your loyal customer base!

Introduce yourself and help them feel comfortable 💬

Put yourself in their shoes. They're probably pretty nervous and wondering what to expect, so try to grab a minute with them before the class starts to ask them what their current experience of exercise is and give them an idea of what to expect for the next 30-60 mins!

Help them just focus on themselves 🧘🏼‍♀️

Reiterate that this is THEIR workout and not to focus on what anyone else is doing! If they need to stop for a few seconds and then jump back in, make sure they feel comfortable to do that.

Provide alternatives for them for the toughest moves 💪🏻

While your regulars may be smashing out all the most challenging moves, don't forget to not just provide modifications, but to make it feel very normal and acceptable to use them. It's all about building an enjoyable and inclusive experience if you want them to feel looked after. and end the session feeling like it was right for them.

Check in with them at the end and invite them back! 📅

After class, it’s a prime opportunity to not only collect feedback from customers, but to sell your class to them again. Many instructors ask the newbie if they enjoyed the class, but many forget to ask when (not if) they’re coming back!

“So great to have you join us today! Will I see you next week?”

It's proven that due to the feel good hormones exercise generates, after exercise is the best time to ask for engagement/feedback from people, for almost any reason! Surveys, ratings, repeat bookings... do this right after the class, don't wait a day to get in touch and ask as the effects have faded by then.

Encourage them to follow you if they enjoyed it 👍🏼

It's another proven fact that instructors who form a personal following get greater engagement and retention. After your class, let your new customer know how they can follow you and leave you a review on Move and on your social channels. This will make them feel a connection that reduces the barrier to booking in again.

Here's an idea - why not try taking a celebration pic at the end of class and post it on social media? Your customers have just worked their butt off and the endorphins are running high - the whole world should know about it!

Not only does this get your attendees involved too, but it’s also great promotional material for your class.

Posting an image with a caption including the link to your Move timetable page means that customers can easily book into your next class!

We hope that these tips help, and if you found these child's play and want to share more with us to help out others like you then just post them on social and tag @movegb to show off your skills as an amazing instructor!

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