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How to write good descriptions for your venue
How to write good descriptions for your venue

If operating out of a venue or live streaming, your venue description is your opportunity to sell your business as a whole!

Updated over a week ago

Customers are much more likely to book and attend if they're given a solid impression of what to expect.

Follow these steps to get started on your description!

1. Start with a short overview of your business

“The Penguin Studio is a brand new yoga studio in the heart of Clapham”

2. Add a little about you or your teachers

This could be about the style of teaching or training that teachers have completed.

“Our classes are run by Regina Phalange who offers a fun approach to yoga. Regina has been teaching yoga for 10 years, after completing her training in India”

3. What to expect?

Highlight all the good points: bright, beautiful, cosy, quirky! Whatever makes you stand out as a business!

“The studio space is lovely and cosy; a calm sanctuary in the heart of bustling Clapham”

4. Include specific location information if relevant

i.e do they need to buzz in; is the entrance at the back of the building; is there a secret, magical doorway that they need to go through!?

“We are located above the pet shop on Green road, just ring the buzzer!”

5. You can also mention a little bit about the activities that you offer.

“We offer a wide range of yoga classes from Vinyasa yoga, to Yin and even Yoga for kids.”

6. Anything else our members need to know?

Do they need to bring a towel, or water? Should they arrive a bit earlier if it's their first time?

“All mats and props are provided, just bring your smile”

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