What is MoveGB?

Do Your Thing!

When we are active we feel awesome and squeeze the most out of life. So let's make this easier and more fun!

We are Move. 1000s of activities, 1000s of venues, just 1 membership!


The 4 pillars That Keep You Moving



 Life is busy, so you need activity to fit around you - whenever and wherever you are!



Research has shown that variety is the secret to keeping you active. Movers are twice as likely to be active than your average gym goer.



Our bodies are designed to move. So forget about your size or shape, move to feel alive, to smile and live life to the fullest.


For Life

The circle of life. A Move membership isn't something you quit. Sure you can pause when life gets too busy, but you'll never quit on a healthy happy life and we'll never quit building a service to make this easier for you.

Who Are We?


We are a company on the Move! Originally founded in Bath, UK in 2013, we are now one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world. Our founder is one of the world's leading experts in exercise adherence and created Move based on the science of how to make staying healthy and happy easier.

We've got your back! We'll continue to innovate in our quest to remove all barriers to keeping you active. So join us and thousands of Movers on our mission to keep healthy and happy for life.