Scheduling meetings on Zoom

Getting your meeting link set up is quick and easy!

Check out the steps below or if you're ready to update your activities in you Move Partner Portal then go back our guide here


Once registered, find your Personal Meeting ID link - see in the below screenshot. This is so we can display your personal link on the activities you will be streaming. Save this URL, or remember how to come back here and you'll use this link when it comes to editing the activities you will be running remotely on MoveGB. 

Hit 'Edit' on the right of ‘Personal meeting ID’ and tick "use this ID for instant meetings". Also check/adjust the date and time format, timezone, etc as they are US-style by default!

Go to 'Meetings' in the menu on the left, then 'Personal meeting room' at the top, and make sure "Host video on start" is on, and "Mute participants upon entry" is ticked. (if your students don't mute it can be hard for the others to hear your class)

Start a meeting! You can start the meeting on your phone app or laptop and this will use your phone or laptop camera.

When using the app, make sure you select to use the personal meeting ID:

When on the app or website, you can then turn the camera around as needed, end the session, mute yourself, and view the participants who will show once they have joined the meeting. 

If you have back-to-back classes, you might find some students arrive early for the next class before the first one has finished. They'll be muted by default, so hopefully won't disturb you.

When they're ready  to join your class, the attendee will find their booking and check themselves in which will take them directly to the live streamed class.

Using a different meeting url for each class

If you would like to use a unique link for each class please Click here! for a full guide on how to do this.