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Rolling over unused sessions for members during COVID-19

If your membership was live on 16th March 2020 then we want to help you avoid losing out by rolling over your sessions if you're unable to attend. Here's how it's going to work.


How to roll over unused sessions

  • When your membership renews, your session allowance will be refreshed as normal and you can begin using these right away. 

  • If you run out of sessions, then you’ll be able to get any unused sessions from last month added onto your account. 

  • To do so, just get in touch with our team on 0345 519 6626 and we’ll gladly add these on for you. Credits can only be rolled over 1 month so if you don’t use up all rolled over credits then these will expire at the end of the month and you’ll be back to normal.

  • This perk can only be used by members who had a live membership on 16th March and have kept their membership live for the duration of time since then. 
  • This session rollover service will be offered up until 1st June.

Why are we offering to help members roll over their sessions?

In the middle of March this year our normal routines were disrupted by the guidance we all received to stay at home and maintain a distance between people to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Leisure facilities were also mandated to close their doors to stop social gatherings. 

At this time many customers of Move were facing being unable to use their memberships, so we decided to respond by:

  • Doing everything that we could to help support the local activity providers on the Move Network.
  • Doing everything we could to ensure that Move members have ways that they can keep active.
  • Helping ensure that members did not lose out on the value that they purchased through Move.

One of the features that we announced was to allow members to roll over their sessions to the next month if they were unable to keep active.  

With Move, our memberships are designed to not feel in any way restrictive, so most members don't even realise that they have a session allowance, it simply feels free to use it as much as you like! 

Around 10% of the members on our 'Move' plan are highly active and use up their allowance each month. This plan includes as many free tasters as you like at 100s of providers, and then an allowance of 12 additional sessions in total each month.

Due to the success of the Live Streaming platform that we've since made available, we've found that the vast majority of active members are actually still active as normal, and therefore not requiring the session roll over functionality. 


At Move we always prioritise the most impactful new features to bring improvements for the largest number of users possible. We've therefore decided to NOT build any special function that will automatically roll credits over to the following month. This is because there are not enough members requiring it to warrant the focus of our small team for the short period where this will be in play.

We're really sorry if this inconveniences you at all, but we'll still 100% be honouring the roll over function we were offering and we hope that you understand the need for us to make these tough decisions at this time!

If you find that you hit a limit of sessions included in your membership (only around the top 10% normally do) then just give us a call on 0345 519 6626 and our team will be happy to take a look at how many sessions you have available from last month and add these onto your account.

We hope that this helps you and we want to again say a massive thanks from us at Move and on behalf of all of the providers on the network for being so understanding and supportive at this  time!