Move On-Demand

With your Move membership, not only do you have in-person and live stream classes available, you also get access to great on-demand content 🙌

We offer Fiit On-Demand and MoveGB On-Demand Collections - available to you any time of day, and accessed with ease from the Move app! Whether you fancy cardio, strength, or HiiT sessions, yoga or Pilates, or even clubbercise or postnatal workouts - the Move app has you covered and fits in perfectly with your schedule. Head to the 'Home' section of your app and tap the On-Demand banner to check it out! Read on for our top FAQ's...

Fiit On-Demand

MoveGB On-Demand


Fiit On-Demand


What is Fiit?

Fiit offers access to 10, 25 & 40-minute classes from the comfort of your own home, and they're a great alternative if you don't fancy an in-person or live stream session! They have three studios - Cardio, Strength or Rebalance. Filter classes by duration, level, equipment, trainer and goal to find your perfect workout! 

How does Fiit work alongside Move?

If you have MoveLite, Move or MovePlus you get premium Fiit access included in your membership. 

What type of Fiit access do I get?

Fiit premium includes over 500 on-demand workouts and 25 personal trainers to choose from, training plans that can be tailored to your goals and fitness level, progress tracking and leaderboards with a Fiit device or other fitness trackers, and the ability to book group classes.

How do I sign up?

Head to the 'Home' section of the Move app, and select 'On-Demand' and then click 'Fiit On-Demand' and click 'Claim Now'. You will be prompted to fill in some details and download the Fiit app onto your phone or tablet to access the on-demand workouts.

Do I need a heart rate monitor?

You don't need a heart rate monitor to use Fiit, but if you have a fitness tracker you can log your workouts and see your live stats! Head to Fiit's article about compatible trackers for more info.

Can I upgrade to include Fiit premium on my MoveGO plan?

If you are on MoveGO or Move At Home but would like to have Fiit premium included in your membership, you will need to upgrade to the MoveLite, Move or MovePlus plan. Along with Fiit premium, the higher MoveGB membership tier will give you access to sessions that won't require pay-as-you-move payments. Plus our higher tiers will give discounted top-ups on premium activities and additional sessions!

Can I workout with Fiit on my tv or laptop?

The Fiit app is only available on phone or tablet, but you can stream to your laptop. Click here for further instructions from Fiit. You can also connect to your TV to do your workouts on the big screen - check out how here

If I need support with Fiit whom do I contact?

If you're having any trouble starting your Fiit premium access, please contact the Move Support Team here. For anything else Fiit related please contact their support from within the Fiit app - they are super quick and helpful at responding 😊

MoveGB On-Demand


What is MoveGB On-Demand Collections

MoveGB On-Demand Collections provides an extensive variety of workouts - from bootcamps, yoga and pilates, to clubbercise and MummaFit, there's so much to choose from! You can also filter by duration to find your perfect workout.

How does MoveGB On-Demand work alongside Move?

You can access MoveGB On-Demand from the Move app - just head to 'Home' and click on the 'On-Demand' banner. You can view the workouts on the app on a phone or tablet, or on desktop on your computer or laptop. 

What access do I get?

MoveGB On-Demand is included with all Move memberships!

Can I use MoveGB On-Demand on my TV or device?

Absolutely! Just sign in to your Move account on your laptop or computer and access the On-Demand section from the home screen. You can connect your laptop or phone to your TV in various ways, including USB, HDMI cable, Apple TV, Airplay, Samsung Smartview or Chromecast - check with good old Google to see which option is best for your TV and device!

If I need support with MoveGB On-Demand whom do I contact?

Please contact the friendly Move support team here. They will be able to investigate further and help out 😊