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MoveGO - FREE for the NHS and Public Sector!

We're so thankful to every single one of you, so we're covering the £52 cost to give you a FREE MoveGO membership!

We'd like to help in a small way by offering a free MoveGO membership as a thank you to all NHS and public sector staff to attend in-person and live stream classes hosted by independent fitness instructors. We know it can be busy, so you'll also get access to on-demand workouts to work out at any time that suits you!

Contact our team here to get set up!


If you have any queries then please check out our frequently asked questions below...

What is MoveGO?
MoveGO is a great way to stay active and support local fitness instructors!

  • It normally costs £52 for the year, but Move is covering the membership cost for NHS and public sector workers 💙
  • In-person and live-streamed taster classes to try out lots of new activities, it doesn't matter where you are! Just look for the 'Taster' tags for free classes included in your membership.
  • Want to do the same class again, or the class doesn't have a taster? Pay as you go with up to 30% off direct prices 🙌
  • On-demand workouts from some of the world's top trainers - work out any time, anywhere!

Where can I go?
You can visit any activity on Move! Tasters are free, and you get one per available provider. If you want to attend with a provider that doesn't give a taster, or you've used your taster and want to attend again, you can pay as you go with a discounted rate - these are displayed clearly before you book.

What happens at the end of the year?
Your account will expire. If you'd like to continue with Move on MoveGO or one of our other memberships you absolutely can! Check out our memberships in the app or website.

How do I manage my account?
In the app or website, head to 'Account' and 'Manage Membership'.

Here you can see when your year will end, and can also check out our other plans and select a different one to upgrade to if you prefer!

What are the other Move memberships?
We have other Move memberships that have more included sessions - perfect for if you want to attend the same classes more often!

Check out our other plans and pricing here.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan?

Absolutely! You can do this in the manage membership section.

Can I start it at a later date?
If you'd like to take up this offer, but you're not quite ready to start, that's not a problem! Either revisit the sign up flow when you're ready, or once you've set up your account just contact our team - they're always happy to help!

How do I get started and book activities?
Once signed up, simply login to your account to get started. Check out more information on how Move works and getting started here!

Head to our support pages for further help on booking and attending activities!