Setting up live streaming using one link

Prefer to use just one meeting link that can be opened and closed? Here's how to set this up on your activity..

Step 1: Set up your live streaming account

We recommend using Zoom as your Live Streaming platform but any platform that offers a shareable meeting link can be used. Open your account, set up the appropriate meetings and find the shareable meeting URL.

Step 2: Setting up your Live Streaming activities


Log in to your MoveGB partner portal

Click 'Use Reception' to access each venue

Click 'Activities', and then next to the activity click 'Edit'

On the 'Physical attendance or live stream' option (individual classes can be configured separately) select 'Live Stream Only'.
If you're making it available to all members, select 'Live Stream or Physical Attendance.

Capture-2Then, add your live streaming link to the "Live Stream URL" field. 


The Zoom link will be made available to the member when they "Check in"

checkin view-1

If you would prefer to use a unique link for each class, Click Here! for a guide on how to set this up.

Step 3: Invite your customers to book into your classes

Share the link to your MoveGB profile page with your customers so that they can see and book your classes.

You can find the link to view your unique page in the “Directory” section of your Partner Portal.

As your classes will now be displayed to any user on Move and thousands of pay-as-you-go customers, your classes will then be bookable by people all over the country, so ask your members to leave a review and this will help you showcase how awesome your classes are to all those browsing the site.