Joining a live video class

Many activity providers are keen to offer an online streaming option for their class during the coming weeks.


How do I see which classes are doing a video link?

This is a work in progress... but it's progressing fast! We'll soon be adding a clear icon to all live streaming activities in your MoveGB app and an easy way to filter them too. Check back daily to see these developments.

How do I join?

First things first, find the activity in your MoveGB app and follow the instructions to book. When it's time to start the class just check in and you'll be given a link to join your class online! All you need to do is click that link to join the 'meeting' to take part in the class. 

Don't forget to check your settings when you join as if you start with your camera or microphone on then you'll be giving others a lovely little gander at you in your living room. This is usually very easy to turn off 😀

Will it always be on Zoom?

Nope, we're recommending Zoom to our activity partners because, well, it seemed like one of the fastest options... and one of our partners in Bristol (you know whom you are 😘 asked to use it and it turned out to be wicked! However, we'll be keeping out our eye out for any that might work better and are open to your suggestions. 

How do I access the link? 

When you're ready to, just hit the check in button on your booking and the link to your Live Streamed class will be displayed. 

A handful of providers may use a software where they are unable to get a link in advance, in which case they'll send you the link to the class around 15 mins or so before the class starts, usually by email.

Will a video class use up my session?

Yep, when you check-in for the class a session is used from your allowance and the activity provider that you are using will get paid. It's so important that they continue to receive visits at this time, just as much as it is for you to keep active! 

What happens if I late cancel or don’t show up - will I still be charged?

We're encouraging our partners to not charge late cancel/no show fees. One may be charged in a rare circumstance but it's unlikely.

What if the quality of the workout isn’t good? Can I get my session back? 

No, all instructors on Move are doing their best, and working hard to bring a quality class to your home at this most unusual of circumstances. For this reason, we can't credit a class back if you don't like it, instead, we just advise you to pick something a little different tomorrow. 

I can’t get the link to work, what do I do? 

Move doesn't control the link that you are provided with. This is provided directly by the activity provider. If you have a problem then please do contact the instructor directly, but if you're still having any problems then do let us know and we can at least let them know to try to fix it for next time. 

In this event, we'll gladly remove your booking for you and credit your session back if the link is found to not work.

How do I book on? Will the class show in the same way in my bookings? 

Booking will work exactly as it has for all Move activities. Find the activity you're interested in, and hit the book button in your app. Some bookings 

Will the pricing still be the same? (Membership & top-ups)

Yep, it's so important to your local activity providers that we keep pricing the same for the time being. This is an initiative designed to allow you to continue keeping active as normal and to ensure that your local businesses get paid as normal while you do. Please help and support your local fitness provider.

Can I freeze my account and still access the classes remotely? 

If your account is frozen then activities are charged at our Move Pay As You Go rate. We, therefore, advise that it's better value to keep your membership live. 

Are venues still running sessions in person or just via video link? 

Almost will be remote join only for a period of time. Providers will announce their own studio availability as the government advised measured are eased.

Do I check in as normal? 

Yep, when you're ready to join the class, just find your booking and check in to register your attendance. If you don't then you may risk the provider not getting paid. 

What if I don’t have the right equipment? 

Most classes will be no/low equipment, but we advise having an exercise mat or at the very least a nice rug :) 

What if I experience internet/technological problems?

Darn internet goblins! It happens to the worst of us... the best thing to do it turn it off and on again (leave and re-join the class), but if it still doesn't work then we're sorry, you'll just need to try again with better signal in the future. We can't refund sessions for poor internet signal, but as long as you checked in and tried then you won't be charged any no show fee.

Can I share this with friends?

Isolation, even if only for a couple of weeks can feel like an eternity, so if you're staying at home so we strongly advise (of course we would right) that you invite a friend to join the same class. Send them a link to your proposed activity and book in together then join in the knowledge that you're in secret competition :)