Insurance for Live Streaming activities

It's important to stay safe, secure and in control when managing your live stream bookings

As a fitness instructor we know that you're in it for the thing you're passionate about, getting people moving, not worrying about the risks involved.

The reality is that while there is the potential to grow a far greater level of income online, there is a greater level of risk associated with delivering fitness classes over a live stream medium including but not limited to:

  • Loss of control on who attends the class
  • Missed essential legal paperwork
  • Injury where you can't provide assistance
  • Claims of negligence through larger class numbers
  • Missing payment for classes
  • Risk of inappropriate content making its way onto your live stream
  • Copyright infringement (see music licensing)

How do I ensure that I'm insured?

As an activity provider on the Move platform it is  your responsibility to ensure that you have the  correct insurance policy in place. (see clause 7.5 in our Move Partner terms and conditions)

It's important that you always check with your insurance provider that your policy covers the live streaming of exercise classes over the internet. Many fitness instructor policies do but if Live Streaming is new to you then it's always worth checking. 

However even though your policy may cover live streaming your classes, if you're found to be delivering a class to customers without having obtained the required health and safety paperwork then it's highly likely that this will invalidate your insurance. Therefore it's vital that you're in control. Here's some steps you can take:

📋 ALWAYS have a register of who is in your class

Move provides you with a full list of all Move Members in attendance, available to view in your Move Partner Portal displayed clearly against each session you run.

📝 Ensure that you have the relevant paperwork signed by all attendees (PAR-Q, Health Commitment Statement and Waiver etc.)

All Move members have a disclaimer displayed to them that they need to have filled in a  waiver  with the provider to attend any session. We can also insert a  website URL to your own online waiver if you have one to save you needing to rush around collecting paperwork via  email before the class starts. 

🔑 Keep your Live Streaming class address (meeting URL) private, do not share it.

We know that it's tempting to share the class joining details directly with people you know in the hope that they will join in and you can get an additional direct fee for their booking. 

Due to the risks involved stated at the top of this article being considerable (along with reports of providers struggling to keep on top of all the paperwork and class registers for their insurance) we feel obliged to advise that you ONLY manage your live stream bookings through Move. 


We want you to stay safe, secure and stress free while running your business online, and we're working around the clock to provide you with the tools that you need to have the peace of mind that you're covered. We cannot take responsibility for risks involved, but we can help you reduce them as much as possible.

In return for using our booking and payments management tools for your business, Move takes just a small percentage of the income received from the customer and pays you your fixed rate for pay as you go customers, or in the case of inclusive subscription members we fairly distribute the income to you based on the providers they attend. You can read more about how our fair payment structure works here

If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can help you more then please get in touch as  we'd love to hear it.