How to set up Myzone integration

Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity.

We are able to integrate your live stream platform with Myzone, enabling your Myzone registered members to participate via MZ-Remote, accessing the live stream and their live fitness stats at the same time.

Myzone can be used alongside regular Zoom integration, and both Myzone users and non-Myzone users can join your live stream classes.


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How to set up

It's a few simple steps to get Myzone integrated with your live stream platform. You'll need to make sure that your Myzone users will need to have their Myzone device registered with your facility - you can give them your facility ID from your 'Facility Profile' within Myzone. You'll also need to make sure your Myzone users have the same email address as the one they signed up to your live stream platform with and so please do feel free to contact us if a user needs their email address changed to match their Myzone account!

Step 1. Get your activity timetable set up on your live stream platform

Step 2. Complete setup of the Zoom integration

Step 3. Within Zoom we recommend heading to Account>Settings>Security and turning off 'Only authenticated users can join meetings' and 'Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client' - this means that any users that have a booking will appear in Zoom as the screen name they've entered, but won't be required to log in to Zoom - it's a much more streamlined experience for members to join!

Step 4. Contact us to request Myzone integration and we will generate a URL to visit - enter your login credentials at this URL which will enable access between platforms. Let us know once we've done that, and we will link with your facility and enable Myzone in your activities

Step 5. Once the platforms are linked, your timetable will be reflected within your Myzone portal, and all Zoom links for users will be copied too

Step 6. If you would like to join the class with your own Myzone belt and display the stats for your participants, in your Myzone portal click on the class and ensure the correct team member is assigned as the host of the class - and that's it, you're all good to go!

How to use

Using Myzone enables Myzone users to connect with MZ-Remote, but you can also enable your non-Myzone users to join too.

Step 1. Make sure you're logged into the Zoom account that is the host of the class

Step 2. Around 10 minutes before your class is due to start, go to your live stream platform and click 'Start Live Stream' to launch the Zoom meeting

Step 3. Open up your Myzone portal, go to 'Classes' and then 'Booking Diary' and locate the class within your diary - here you will see if there are any Myzone bookings

Step 4. Click on the purple link to launch your Myzone class where you will see your users scoreboard

Step 5. Head back over to Zoom where you will then be able to admit participants into the class, and you can then proceed to run your live stream class as usual within Zoom - your Myzone users will see their stats live on the MZ-Remote experience, while your non-Myzone users will simply see the regular live stream.


MyZone - Operator Guide

Troubleshooting tips

Below are some tips on solving any problems that arise, though you may need to contact Myzone support for assistance.

  • Your members will need to have their device registered with your facility - if they need to change from another facility, they'll need to contact Myzone support
  • Make sure your members have updated their Myzone app to the latest version
  • Your members will need to use the same email address on both platforms to ensure bookings are pushed correctly from your live stream platform to Myzone
  • If a Myzone member checks in on your live stream platform but for some reason does not immediately join the class, they should be able to join from within their Myzone app. It's important that bookings are initially placed within your live stream platform.
  • If a member has joined but does not yet see the live stream, ensure they press the green 'MZ-R' icon in their app to join the live stream

Click here to see the Customer User guide

Please note - this is a brand new feature that we're super excited about and are working on making improvements to streamline the experience between your live stream platform and Myzone. If you have any feedback about the experience or suggested improvements, please pass these on to our Partner Support team - we'd be glad to receive them!