How to set up live class streaming

Some providers are choosing to offer a live video stream alternative to join their class. Here's how to set this up...

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Step 1: Setting up your video platform

Step 2: Setting up your activities as Live Streaming

Step 3: Inviting customers to start booking

Tips for running your classes remotely







IMPORTANT info about your insurance

Keep your live stream URL (web address link) private. Do not share your Live Stream URL with anyone. 

Sharing the URL publicly or sending invites via email to additional attendees not on the Move platform may invalidate your insurance.


Fitness instructor insurance policies require you to retain a register of attendees and ensure that they've all filled in an informed consent and physical activity readiness questionnaire.

Move is a safe and secure method of managing your bookings and payments, membership services and essential paperwork for your business. 

We provide a way for you to have the member complete this essential paperwork and guarantee that you are covered for all attendees of your session.


As an activity provider on the Move Platform it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance cover to deliver group exercise sessions whether in person or online, as stated in our Partner terms and conditions.

Many fitness instructor insurance policies will include cover but please check yours as they will differ. 

Step 1: Getting set up on video platform

Based on a suggestion from a few of our partners ZOOM is the online meeting software that we're recommending, however there are other options out there and most will work as long as they work by inviting attendees to join via a website URL. ZOOM has a free version to use, free for members to download, easy to set up and can be accessed from either the app or the website. 

The free version will allow you to stream videos that are 40 minutes long. If you wish to stream longer classes you can do so, it will cost just £11.99 per month to upgrade your Zoom account. We recommend you are in the meeting 10 minutes before starting to welcome your remote Movers and ensure they are checked in, so if your classes are longer than 30 minutes we would recommend upgrading to ensure you have the time you need!

Head to to sign up - you can select the free plan or the £11.99 plan depending on your needs and class length and create your Zoom account.

You can also download the app - search in your app store for ‘Zoom’ and look for this icon: Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 14.27.01 

If you choose to use Zoom then here's some instructions on how to get set up

(If you choose to use a different platform then just make sure that you can still access a URL to join your meeting, then skip straight to step 2.)

  1. Once set up, find your Personal Meeting ID link - see in the below screenshot. This is so we can display your personal link on the activities you will be streaming. Save this URL, or remember how to come back here and you'll use this link when it comes to editing the activities you will be running remotely on MoveGB.

  2. Hit 'Edit' on the right of ‘Personal meeting ID’ and tick "use this ID for instant meetings". Also check/adjust the date and time format, timezone, etc as they are US-style by default!

  3. Go to 'Meetings' in the menu on the left, then 'Personal meeting room' at the top, and make sure "Host video on start" is on, and "Mute participants upon entry" is ticked. (if your students don't mute it can be hard for the others to hear your class)

  4. Start a meeting! You can start the meeting on your phone app or laptop and this will use your phone or laptop camera.

    When doing it on the app, make sure you select to use the personal meeting ID:

    When on the app or website, you can then turn the camera around as needed, end the session, mute yourself, and view the participants who will show once they have joined the meeting. 

  5. If you have back-to-back classes, you might find some students arrive early for the next class before the first one has finished. They'll be muted by default, so hopefully won't disturb you.
  6. When they're ready  to join your class, the attendee will find their booking and check themselves in, at which point they can hit a button and join your live streamed class.

Using a different meeting url for each class

The most efficient way to manage the admin of streaming your classes online will be to use a meeting link that stays the same, and your attendees are invited to arrive and leave the class with the same link. If you think you need to use a unique link for each meeting then you just need to regularly revisit your MoveGB Partner Portal to ensure that you update the link that will be provided to the customer in the activity editor.


Step 2: Setting up your Live Streaming activities

To set up your classes as live stream, just edit the following settings in your activity editor. 

  1. Log in to your MoveGB partner portal
  2. Click 'Use Reception' to access each venue
  3. Click 'Activities', and then next to the activity click 'Edit'
    We recommend editing your existing activities where possible to switch over to live streaming as you can then save and set them live yourself instantly. If instead you need to set up a new activity then please do so and submit it to our team to approve and we'll get back to you as soon as possible, but please bear in mind this may take us 48 hours at this time.
  4. On the 'Physical attendance or live stream' option (individual classes can be configured separately) select 'Live Stream Only'.
    If you're making it available to all members, select 'Live Stream or Physical Attendance'.
  5. Underneath this drop-down is a box that says "Live stream URL" - put your live streaming link in the box labeled Live stream URL below: 


    The URL you put in here will be automatically shown to members when they check-in for the class.

    The member will see the stream URL after they check into the class as normal.

    checkin view
  6. You're all set up with your class - click Approve and this will be set live right away and ready for members to book! 
    (as mentioned in step 3, if this is a new activity then it may just take us 48 hours to approve and get it live for you.)
Your activity will then be live and they will display to customers marked as Live Stream as shown below.

Video Stream Search


Step 3: Invite your customers to book into your classes

Share the link below with your customers so that they can register for your online Live Streaming service with Move.

They will be asked to pay just £1 per week for the service and within minutes they can search for your business name and book into a class!

As your classes will now be displayed to any user 


Taking bookings, checking customers in and running your class

Bookings work in exactly the same way as they do currently. You are notified via email, call or through your direct booking system (if this is integrated) so you will know whom to expect to see online. 

Members still need to check in as normal, so we’d recommend kicking the session off by advising all members to check themselves into the class through their account. You can also check members in after the class, click here for more information.


Practicalities and tips for running the class remotely 

  • We find that running the class from a computer or laptop tends to work better than a phone. This gives you the opportunity to be able to see more people within the class on screen, however, a tablet or phone is also useful. 
  • Position your device far enough away from yourself so that those participating can see your whole body, but close enough to keep up with what is going on. 
  • Of course, you are able to move this around during the session, but try to avoid doing this too much and too quickly (we don’t want any motion sickness!). 
  • We recommend doing a test run through your zoom account. Recording it allows you to check your angles, volume level, etc. - see what works best!
  • Be online at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. This gives you the chance to help out if anyone seems to be having difficulties and ensures a prompt start to the session.
  • When the session starts to ensure everyone in the session is muted. This will ensure no feedback through speakers/microphones and won’t ruin your session! Consider a ‘cue’ that you can ask your participants to perform in case they have a question or need help whilst muted.
  • Use music to accompany where appropriate. It's important that you correctly play music through your live streaming tool to ensure that sound quality is good. To learn how to  do this with Zoom click here to check out our guide.

Music licensing

If you wish to play music during your sessions then please also ensure that you have paid the relevant music licensing fees, whether you are delivering your session in person or online.

You can read more about music licensing and purchase a license here.