How Payments Work For Move Partner Activity Providers

Move’s mission is to keep people active for life and support the local active community, so our mission is directly aligned with the growth of your business. 


What we'll pay you

Most providers have room to grow and therefore want to generate more leads for their business, so choose to offer a free taster to new customers. You are not paid for taster sessions. When someone loves what you do then they will come back and we'll pay you for every visit after that!

Move pay as you go plans

We pay you a per visit rate chosen by you for all attendances.

Move membership plans  

Move’s membership income is shared fairly across the providers that they visit. In the majority of cases, we will pay you your maximum per visit rate up to the total income that we get from the customer, or your agreed monthly maximum payment per customer (whichever comes first). For your most loyal customers with the highest visit frequency on their relevant Move membership plan, their payments work exactly how your own membership/class pack income works i.e. their per visit price may reduce. Overall these customers will pay you more over their lifetime so are highlighted on your payment report as a ‘High Value Customer’. 

See the images below to show how customer income is distributed to you.


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In the case that a customer is a High Value Customer (see info on High Value Customers) then the price per visit may vary. 

Our payment terms

At the end of every month we calculate the total that your business is due, and pay you at the end of the following month. 

Your payment report includes a breakdown of how many new leads and high value customers you’ve had attend your venue that month so that you can analyse your business’ performance and know where to focus your efforts.

How do we promote your business?


If you choose to offer a free taster visit to attract new leads to try out your business, then their first visit will be complementary and highlighted on your dashboard as a new lead.

Press, Ambassadors and Influencers

With a reach of over 4 billion views combined in 2018 we engage local and national press, as well as the best fitness bloggers and influencers. We pay 'top dollar' to get these social media stars and industry reporters to check you out and because of the obvious benefits of them sharing their experience of your activities across their following, we don't pay you for visits from them.

Check out our partner newsroom here to see some of the top engaging posts and social fitness celebs.

We are taking on new ideas and initiatives to attract more customers and grow our partner businesses all the time so please share any feedback or ideas on how we can improve!