How Payments Work For Activity Providers

Live Streaming If you are selling products via your live stream platform, the more customers you get accessing your live streams, the more you can earn and grow your business.


What you will receive via your live streaming platform

If you are selling pay as you go live stream classes to your customers

You will receive a wholesale price of 90% of your per class fee*. 

If you are selling membership plans to your customers  

You will receive a wholesale price of 90% of your subscription revenue*

What you will receive if you list your classes on the Move at Home live stream marketplace

For payg users of the marketplace, you will receive a wholesale price of 90% of your per class fee*

Where users of the marketplace pay a membership fee directly to MoveGB, their membership income is distributed across the providers whose live stream classes they have attended. In the majority of cases, you will receive a wholesale price of 70% of your normal class fee per class* up to a maximum amount of the total membership income paid by the customer (less 10% retained by MoveGB). For the most loyal customers with the highest visit frequency on their relevant marketplace membership plan, their payments work exactly how your own membership/class pack income works i.e. their per visit price may reduce, but will not be less than 57% of the wholesale class price. Overall, these customers will pay you more over their lifetime so are highlighted on your payment report as a ‘High Value Customer’. 

Attracting new users from the Move at Home live stream marketplace  

Most providers have room to grow and therefore want to generate more leads for their business, so choose to offer a free taster to new customers. You are not paid for taster sessions. When someone loves what you do then they will come back and you will be paid for every visit after that!

Payment terms

You will be paid bi-weekly for live stream classes attended by your direct customers. For marketplace customers, you will be paid at the end of the following month after the live stream session was attended. 

Your payment report includes a breakdown of how many direct customers, marketplace customers, new leads and high value customers you’ve had attending your live streams that month so that you can analyse your business’ performance and know where to focus your efforts.

*after payment processing and any applicable booking fees have been deducted. Booking fees vary depending on partner booking system. Payment processing fees are 2.9%+30p and cover the cost of collecting payments from your direct and marketplace customers, and processing your payments. It includes credit/debit card transaction fees and the cost of arranging alternative payment in the case that a transaction fails or is disputed.