How Move's marketing works!

Move is designed to help you Attract, Convert and Retain more High Value customers.

As your digital experience partner we're investing in multi-channel marketing activity to help drive more engagement in our partner businesses through the Move platform.

Our effective marketing has 3 stages to guide new customers from thinking about getting active, to becoming loyal regular customers of your business.

  • Create awareness of the Move brand
  • Target highly qualified leads with relevant offers to try or come back to Move
  • Directly promote individual venues driven by customer engagement data  

Check out a few of our partner success stories...

Creating brand awareness

To allow us to fill your classes with more high value, loyal customers we need to show people who we are and tell them why we're here. We want to help improve their lives by introducing them to your business.

Some great Brand Marketing activity that you may see:

  • Influencers and social media stars posting about Move and your business
  • Buses, train station and local commuting lines
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content
  • MoveGB bottle giveaways

Once people are more familiar with who we are and what we do, we're able to customise a wide range of offers that catch those prospective new customers and increases the likelihood of them walking through your doors!

Targeted offers to highly qualified leads

All new Move customers are attracted to join Move by a message or offer that speaks to them. 

Offers that people may see/buy are:

  • £1 to try out Move (Using only your taster pass if you offer one)
  • Free one time only offers through partnership brands such as Wowcher, O2 Priority and Timeout.
  • A discounted introductory membership rate

These and other similar promotions are designed to drive members from hot leads to loyal returning customers. 

If someone comes to try out your venue and it sounds like they've found a deal somewhere, it's an introductory offer only to be able to get them started and qualified to convert into a regular high value customer.

Directly promoting your business

Without our partners, MoveGB would be nothing! Once customers are engaged we use every opportunity we can to 'nudge' them to try out your venue and upgrade to continue visiting you once they have. 

These 'nudges' include:

  • Displaying your free Taster Pass to all customers that come to try out Move*
  • Providing you with your own branded marketing materials to give to prospective clients
  • Showing your own direct offers to every customer that tries your venue*
  • Promoting your business on our social media channels
  • Engaging local influencers who will visit and post about your venue
  • Featuring partners in our blog and the monthly blog newsletter 
  • Every new partner gets featured in our 'new partner' email - automatically sent out to the relevant audiences every Saturday

*If you don't currently offer a free taster pass to attract new customers or a direct offer to convert more of those that try you out but would like to then please contact your City Executive on the details below to optimise your setup. 

We have a City Executive in every Move city who is there to personally help ensure that your business is optimised to attract, convert and retain more high value customers.

If you'd like to check on your business setup or ask what more we can do to help you promote your business then get in touch with your rep, or if you've lost their details just contact our partner specialist team on 0345 519 6626 or and we'll pass on the message and have your assigned City Executive get in touch.

If you have any feedback on how Move's marketing works for or impacts your business please get in touch as we'd love to hear it and see what we can do to improve.