How do I take a break and not lose pre-paid credit? Use our rejoin feature!

If you need it, we'd rather you take a break from your membership without worrying about losing out on valuable paid time while you are not using the service! 💰

How do I do this? 

To take a break from your membership for 3 weeks to 3 months you can use our awesome rejoin feature! It saves your remaining paid time on your current month AND the number of days it's been since your last visit. You can claim back up to 28 days! How's that for breaking the mould? A fitness membership you're in complete control of!

This cool feature unique to Move can be found in your MoveGB  Account. Just tap 'Deactivate Membership' when you need to take a break and select 'I'm not using it enough' 👍🏼

How it works:

  • By setting a re-join date you are making a commitment to come back to MoveGB, so on your rejoin date you'll pay for your first month back, and then you get your credited time added!
  • If you need to change your chosen rejoin date just contact our team before the date comes around, we'll be happy to help! 
  • Your membership will reactivate at around midday on the date you choose, so if you are looking at moving again on this day it may be worth setting this a day earlier! 

Just head to your account and select 'Manage Membership' to get this sorted ✅