How do I integrate Move with my ZingFit account?

Integrating your ZingFit with your Move Profile is a quick and easy process, so that timetable updates and receiving bookings won't take up any of your time.

Follow the steps below so that you can start saving on your admin time:

  1. Setup a new series

Create a GroupMove series (Admin > Scheduling/Retail >Series/Contract):

• Call it “GMove”

• Set the series price equal to the average price GroupMove plans to pay the studio per booking... this amount will be used to calculate attendance revenue per class and this will be used as an estimation against expected GroupMove revenue.

• Set the Tax to Non-taxable.

• Under Booking Options, choose Yes for Hide In Register to prevent studio staff from selling this Series.

• Make sure to keep the Series offline so that website customers cannot purchase it.

The series configuration should look like this:

2. Create new Third Party Payer Group (Admin>People >Groups/Memberships)

• Add a Name for the Group (Call it “GroupMove”)

• The system will create a randomised alphanumeric Activation Code — GIVE THIS CODE TO YOUR GROUPMOVE CONTACT.

• Select on the Series created in the previous step and click Add. This Series will be assigned to bookings by GroupMove. Reporting on this Series will offer an accounting of booking revenues attributable to GroupMove.

The Group configuration should look like this: