How do I cancel my MoveGB subscription?

It's super easy to deactivate your MoveGB account. Just visit your 'Account' page and then tap the deactivate button in your settings. We require a 14 day notice period on full memberships if you're not planning to use your membership the following month. If you have a trial with Move you just need to cancel your account before the end of your trial if you don't want to continue.


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When you're ready to start your activities again then just log back into your MoveGB app to purchase a membership.

On a full membership and just want to take a break? Most people choose our awesome freezing option!

πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ We love to be flexible at Move, so we have a great freeze function you can use up to 5 times per year! Ideal for using over breaks for holidays or the big annual intense work week! 

Want to take a longer break but don't want to cancel completely?

Why not use our rejoin feature and commit to coming back to Move at a later date! You might even have some unused credit to save πŸ‘