Your dashboard is the place to go for insights, metrics and to view your payment reports. 

You're able to filter the date range by the current month, last month, last 3 months or last 12 months.

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Hit 'See your Payment Reports' on the left-hand side to view payment reports for previous months. 

Select the location and month from the drop down menus to see a breakdown of your attendances in the respective month. This is broken down into Mover type, Mover name, activity and attendances from new leads.


Mover Types

If your activities are available to book into for Move members, you'll note that there are different types of members in your payment report as detailed below:


Attendances from New Leads

If you have opted to offer an initial taster session, you'll find all Movers who have attended via a taster under the "Attendance from New Leads" section. Through offering a taster, your activities will be available to members across our membership plans and on trials/promotions. The taster scheme is designed as a conversion tool, to help you in the long-term attract more regularly paying members.


Pay-as-you-go customers

If you offer an initial taster session and members not on a full membership plan wish to return to your class, they'll be able to re-attend on a pay-as-you-go basis. Depending on your level of access, Pay-As-You-Go bookings can be placed by the following members:

  1. Your members on a Guest Subscription (SubMove1)

  2. Users who purchase your activities via your public Move page listing

  3. Registered Pay as You Go users of the Move marketplace.


Membership customers

Your members and members of the Move marketplace on full membership options, will be detailed under the "Breakdown by Mover" section. This will detail the activities they have attended, as well as their membership plan.

(Breakdown by Activity will detail all attendances across the month for each individual activity)