Booking Methods and Check In

As we partner with thousands of fitness providers, attendance instructions vary according to the venue. See below for the different types of attendance!




Check In

This is commonly used for gym sessions, swimming, and classes that don't require you to pre-book. Simply check in for the activity on arrival and show the venue your pass! 




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This is for classes that require you to pre-book. Dependent on the venue, some bookings will be automatically accepted or declined. Others will be a 'concierge' booking and our team will get in touch with the venue on your behalf to get you booked in.
Call to Book and External Booking 
A few activities may require you to call the venue to book - for example court hire, inductions, PT sessions or massage. Others may require you go to to their direct website to book the class, and the venue will then check you in via Move manually. You will always be giving any relevant booking instructions when you click 'book'. 
You're normally able to book classes two weeks in advance, although it may vary per venue. For more information on cancelling classes please head to our article here