How billing works

How a Move subscription works and the payments you may expect during a trial or membership.

We have a variety of Move memberships to suit your fitness habits, and base our memberships around flexibility. We understand fitness habits can change, and the last thing we want is anyone to be locked into a contract when they're not using their membership (we've been there!)

Move memberships don't have a contract - for other FAQ's around the flexibility of your plan and cancellation terms CLICK HERE

Membership Billing

MoveGO and MoveAtHome: 

- Billed either quarterly at £23.88 (works out to be £1.99/wk)  or annually at £52 (£1/wk)

- On sign up you choose your billing frequency and your account will renew on this basis unless you specify otherwise.

- Free tasters - your first time visiting most fitness providers is free!

- Up to 30% off all additional work outs - pay as you go!


MoveLite, Move and MovePlus:

- Billed every four weeks - for pricing CLICK HERE as it varies according to your city. 

- Free tasters - your first time visiting most fitness providers is free! 

- You then get a number of sessions to use each month that are included in your plan. A session can be used for any activity included in your plan - gym, swim, climbing, a class etc. 

- MoveLite has 4 included sessions, Move and MovePlus have 12. You can spread these out across your month however you like, and tasters don't count towards your included sessions!

- Once you've used up your included sessions you can search for more tasters, or attend additional sessions with up to a 30% discount.

Top Ups

- If you are on MoveLite, Move or MovePlus there will be venues fully included - this means you can use your sessions at this venue and will not pay anything extra.

- There might be venues you want to attend, but because they are slightly more expensive they are not included in your plan. This is where you might want to upgrade to a higher plan to have them fully included - MovePlus includes the most venues. 

- You can still attend, but you will see a top up fee applicable. If you book the activity you will use up a session, and the top up fee will be charged to your Move account straight away. 

- If you cancel a booking the session is returned to you, and any top up or Pay As You Go fee is automatically refunded. 

No Show/Late Cancel Fees

- Each fitness provider will have their own late cancellation window. If you cancel a class within that window, or don't turn up to a session, a no show or late cancel fee may apply.

- This is down to the discretion of the venue, and when you cancel a class you will see what the fee might be. 

- If a no show or late cancel fee is applied, you receive an email from Move to let you know. The fee is then billed 5 days later to your Move account. 

- For more information on no shows and late cancellations CLICK HERE.

Trial and Offer Upgrades

- When you start a trial with Move, there will be an automatic renewal at the end to the plan you have selected on sign up. 

- This is specified on the sign up flow and in the payment confirmation you receive once your trial has been set up.

- You can keep track of your trial and renewal dates in the app and website at all times - head to 'Account'.   

- If you would like to continue on a different plan at the end of your trial, you can go to Manage Membership > Change Membership and pick the plan that suits you best!

- If you don't want to continue past the trial that's not a problem! We offer the trial so you can try Move out and see how you like it. If it's not for you or you're going to attend your favourite venue direct you just need to cancel online or on the app before the end of your trial period. 

Had a charge you're unsure of?

- You can keep track of any payments on your Move account on the app or website. Head to Account > Payment History

- You can also keep track of sessions you've used in the Bookings section. This will tell you if a session was a taster, if it was cancelled (by you or the provider) if there was a top up, or if you were not checked in. For more information on checking in CLICK HERE.

- If you have used our rejoin feature or cancelled your account and had a renewal you weren't expecting, this could be because you were within 2 weeks of your renewal when you made the change. We have a two week policy, so if you make any changes to your account within 14 days of your renewal, your next payment will still be due. Any cancellation will take affect after this payment and you can still use all your paid time before your account expires. 

- If you have forgotten to cancel your trial and it has renewed, and you're looking for a refund then please head to our Billing Help Centre for further assistance. 

- If you are still unsure of a charge you have received, or think there has been an error please contact our Support Team and they'll be happy to look into this further with you.