5 simple tips to get a customer returning to your class next week

Nothing says “come back to my class” more than a fabulous first impression, right! If you’ve got a newbie joining the crew, get to know them, give them a warm welcome and an experience to remember! Check out these 5 simple tips to help build your loyal customer base!

1. Introduce yourself

Let the customer know that you were expecting them. If it’s their first time, they may be nervous about walking into a room full of people that they don’t know! 

Yours may be the first class they’ve taken since an injury that stopped them from working out for a year, since they had a baby, or since they decided that EXERCISING IS GOOD FOR ME! 

Whatever the situation, a friendly introduction and a giggle may be the one thing that gives them the confidence to form a habit for life and be a returning customer of yours!

2. Invite them back!

After class, it’s a prime opportunity to not only collect feedback from customers, but to sell your class to them again! Why not ask the newbie if they enjoyed the class, and if so, when they’re coming back! 

“So great to have you join us today! When are you coming back?”

This doesn’t need to be asked in an aggressive ‘you must come back’ kind of way, but instead as a welcoming way of letting them know that they should book in again! Let them know what other classes you run! 

It’s your responsibility to ensure that this lovely human being has the most wonderful, active lifestyle, and they’re going to achieve that by regularly attending your class, of course!

3. Be encouraging

One of the best things about classes is that attendees will push themselves much harder than if they were working out on their own. Use vocabulary that shows that you’re all in it together.

“Come on, team” “Let’s push it!”

Follow up with words of affirmation, saying how proud you are of them, how well everyone is doing. It is, however, worth noting that not everyone will get the right moves, but instead of singling them out and saying “you’re doing it wrong”, go up to them and give them supportive feedback on how they could adjust! 

Giving the customer that feeling of achievement means that they’re more likely to spread the word of what a great instructor you are, and bring their friends along next time!

4. Use social media to promote your class

Why not try taking a celebration pic at the end of class and post it on social media? You’ve just worked your butt off and the endorphins are running high - the whole world should know about it! 

Not only does this get your attendees involved too, but it’s also great promotional material for your class. 

Posting an image with a caption including the link to your MoveGB timetable page means that customers can easily book into your next class!

5. Get the right playlist

Music can make or break a class. There’s nothing worse than working against a strong beat - try to get in tune with the tunes you’re choosing. 

Run themed classes, such as “Diva’s week” or “Rock anthems”, but most importantly, take requests! Who better to tell you what to sweat to than the people dying in a class for an hour!? 

If your playlist is what gets fitness beans through their workout, you should be proud! They’ll be back again, for sure!